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  1. APS iMBA

    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    My expectation for this season is that we should make the NCAA Tournament.
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    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    "Married but looking"
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    Coaching Carousel

    Our old rival coach isn't doing so good.
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    Elite Eight Games

    What. A. Game... Hopefully MSU can make it into the Final Four. The Big Ten needs to be represented there. If its a team we beat this year, all the better.
  5. APS iMBA

    Iowa 83, Illinois 62 POSTGAME

    I want to punch things. Badly.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Iowa

    I really really hate Iowa this school-year. Both football and basketball.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Northwestern, Wednesday, March 13th, 8:00pm CT, BTN

    So happy I got to high five him on his last trip off the court in the uniform.
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    Alma Otter

    Hey, as an adult with no young kids, I can definitely sympathize with that sentiment.
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    Alma Otter

    I voted for the otter, as did many of my classmates. I looked up "aggressive otters" on YouTube and they fight as a team to overcome much larger or outwardly dangerous opponents. After seeing that, I thought they weren't a half-bad idea. The Chief has become a toxic issue locally and in the...
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    Illini Bars

    Brand equity. You don't waste something like that. Although, the most prominent brand association is that the place smells like puke & piss.... Still, its someplace you have to go at least once.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Northwestern, Wednesday, March 13th, 8:00pm CT, BTN

    So basically its a wash. I can deal with that. I just hope they can move forward a game or two. Such a sad situation when we can beat teams like Maryland and Michigan State then come unraveled after that.
  12. APS iMBA

    Indiana 92, Illinois 74 POSTGAME

    Did they train too hard yesterday? Sounds like they're saying they didn't taper.
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    Indiana 92, Illinois 74 POSTGAME

    Agreed. Which is why I stayed.
  14. APS iMBA

    Purdue 73, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

    They may have won the game, but...
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    Pregame: Illinois at Purdue, Wednesday, February 27th, 7:30pm CT, BTN

    No matter what happens, I hope this one will at least be fun to watch.
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    Penn State 83, Illinois 76 POSTGAME

    Unfortunately the last two games have gone the way I pretty much expected. I expect Penn State to beat us there too, although it would be nice to split that series. This is a mostly young team and it shows. They're still a ton of fun to watch though, so don't regret having watched it with the...
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    2/16 Weekend Games

    I'm watching the Ohio State @ Michigan State game, just smiling because we beat them both :D
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    Illinois 79, Michigan State 74 POSTGAME

    Yeah, he came off as super bitter to me. If I were his players, I probably wouldn't wanna be around him tonight.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Michigan State, Tuesday, February 5th, 6:00pm CT, ESPN2

    Michigan State lost that game at the free throw line. We really need to up our game there to be sure we aren't in that situation, because our ft shooting wasn't good vs Nebraska and has been pretty poor in a few games this season.
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    Minnesota 86, Illinois 75 POSTGAME

    Leaning toward "agree"
  21. APS iMBA

    Illinois 78, Maryland 67 POSTGAME

    As much as I love Star Trek, save it for after the 2nd half fight. Best second-half showing of the Illini in years.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Wisconsin, Wednesday, January 23rd, 8:00pm CT, BTN

    Did any one see how Wisconsin beat Michigan? How did they do it?
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    Pregame: Illinois at Iowa, Sunday, January 20th, 12:00pm CT, BTN

    Giorgi is hilarious, I hope he sticks around here for a while. The fact he's biking in this snow concerns me though. He doesn't need to get hurt in a wipeout in this weather.