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  1. RML

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Iowa

    One of our problems is that our guards' dribbling abilities are not as good as they appear to think that those skills are. I always hated the old "drive the lane, throw the ball in the air, and hope for a foul call" offense. Now it seems like we frequently turn it over before we ever even get...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Iowa

    Well we made it to the final nine. Stretch the game till midnight, and we'll make it to the third day of the tournament.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Northwestern

    So they hit a 3 at the buzzer to win, right?
  4. RML

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Northwestern

    Boy, if something doesn't change soon, this season is really going to end with a whimper.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Northwestern

    I was going to say, "thank God Tyler's 3 didn't go in," but it would have taken more than a miracle for that brick to drop
  6. RML

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Northwestern

    So the plan must be to keep Tevian et al fresh for tomorrow's game
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    B1G All-Conference Awards

    You caught me. I was trying to subtly congratulate him, but at the same time remind him that he might not yet be ready to go pro. By the way, I only meant that I was surprised he was all B1G honorable mention. Not surprised he got freshman honors, and think he fully deserved that.
  8. RML

    B1G All-Conference Awards

    Nice! Fwiw, I might give Giorgi team mvp. I'm also a little surprised Ayo made it, given his unremarkable 1.4 assist to turnover ratio. Hoping for better from him next year.
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    Penn State 72, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

    To me, our defense looked much less intense today. I figured it was by design, to save energy and--thinking that--I was good with it. But I'm no scholar.
  10. RML

    Indiana 92, Illinois 74 POSTGAME

    Not sure its an issue of not being entirely mentally prepared at the start. It sort of looked like we broke when we realized that we weren't getting turnovers, that they had a gameplan for beating our system, and that whatever adjustments we were making weren't working.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Purdue, Wednesday, February 27th, 7:30pm CT, BTN

    And none in the first half, if I recall right. I didn't consider that a good game from him.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Penn State, Saturday, February 23rd, 11:00am CT, BTN

    I have a premonition that we're going to have a good shooting day. Plan on heading down for the game, and applauding the '89 guys.
  13. RML

    Wisconsin 64, Illinois 58 POSTGAME

    We did miss some bunnies, but they missed a ton of wide open shots early. The refs allowed a LOT of banging underneath, which was probably good for us. Replay that games ten times, and I think they win seven. But that's a top twenty team, playing at home. If the season started today, I'm...
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    Pregame: Illinois at Wisconsin, Monday, February 18th, 7:00pm CT, FS1

    And please, no saying "hack-a-Happ." "Slap-a-Happ" is so much better on the ear.
  15. RML

    Pregame: Illinois at Wisconsin, Monday, February 18th, 7:00pm CT, FS1

    I think we have a better chance at Purdue. Wisky has already seen the improved Illini defense, and has had six days to prepare. If the Illini win this, my God they can beat anybody.
  16. RML

    Illinois 63, Ohio State 56 POSTGAME

    As my ureter goes, so go the Illini. Illini record when my ureter is blocked by a monstrous kidney stone: 6-15. Illini record post my (second) surgery: 4-0.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Ohio State, Thursday, February 14th, 6:00pm CT, ESPN2

    Giorgi is a team player. When he gets doubled, I expect he'll be looking for the open man.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Ohio State, Thursday, February 14th, 6:00pm CT, ESPN2

    Well, we did lose to unrated OSU on a "neutral" (but pro-Illini) court, so yes, I too think we can lose at OSU. Again, I hope not. If we win, I think we end up the 7 seed in the BTT.
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    Giorgi Bezhanishvili, Ayo Dosunmu B1G Players of the Week

    Yeh, if Giorgi was the best player in the entire conference (no argument from me there), then he had to have been be better than Ayo. Though if you don't require a majority, you could get there with each voter voting consistently: Say it was five voters: -Two vote for Giorgi as both the best...
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    Illinois 99, Rutgers 94 OT POSTGAME

    Maybe on defense. But I thought the offense looked even better today, and still would be pretty optimistic about next year even if Rutgers had stolen this one with a buzzer beater. As it is, really liked the teams composure in OT. If Damonte had hit his free throws so we cracked 100, I would...
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    Illinois 79, Michigan State 74 POSTGAME

    Dakich said an awful lot of good things about us. He was bit of a homer for Michigan when his son played there, but he's was pretty good for us today.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (February 2019)

    What on Earth did it ever mean? That Groce was a "player"? That games require two teams (the players must face off against other players, and not for example, against the spectators)? I'm picky about how words are used: that saying always befuddled me.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Minnesota, Wednesday, January 30th, 8:00pm CT, BTN

    Worries are often irrational. But my recollection is that shooting-wise, we have had a lot of off-nights there.
  24. RML

    Pregame: Illinois at Minnesota, Wednesday, January 30th, 8:00pm CT, BTN

    I worry that the weird court there throws our shooting off, the confidence flickers, and we lose. Hope not, of course.