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  1. Jet Jockey

    Football Coaching Staff / Coaching Carousel Thread

    Looks like Frey was with Rod Smith at both USF and West Verginey
  2. Jet Jockey

    Football Coaching Staff / Coaching Carousel Thread

    So when can Mikal Smith be announced as running back assistant coach?
  3. Jet Jockey

    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    English please southside
  4. Jet Jockey

    Football Coaching Staff / Coaching Carousel Thread

    I am guessing Miles Smith has been retained.
  5. Jet Jockey

    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    By reading above, it appears Thomas may be trying to leverage himself with Illinois to get Estes on the team. Typically I would think this would be poor strategy with Lovie but EastSL is assuredly also involved. I would imagine there is a whole lot of behind the scenes stuff going on right...
  6. Jet Jockey

    Florida Atlantic 73, Illinois 71 OT POSTGAME

    I am old enough to remember what used to make good offensive basketball. Pick and rolls, give and go's, back doors, chest passes. I hated the guy but Bobby Knight had it right. Now it is nothing but ball screens to set up a dribble one-on-one move to try to emulate the pro game. When you...
  7. Jet Jockey

    Football Coaching Staff / Coaching Carousel Thread

    If this is our defensive coaching staff we are done and i am out.
  8. Jet Jockey

    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    I really hope the kid Barnes from Gibson City accepts his PWO offer also. He can play also.
  9. Jet Jockey

    Ohio State 77, Illinois 67 POSTGAME

    We only have about 5 high major players on the team and the officials didn't cost us the game but that was the worst officiated game I have ever seen. Just embarrassing for those officials and the Big Ten.
  10. Jet Jockey

    Nebraska 75, Illinois 60 POSTGAME

    Wow what a hot mess this team and program are. This team does nothing well and almost everything that requires basketball skills and knowledge poorly. I don't even know where to start. I guess 1) stop fouling, 2) stop the dribble drives leading to layups. After these are fixed, see where you...
  11. Jet Jockey

    Lovie Smith receives 2-year contract extension through 2023

    The bullet-point letter to donors was a joke and embarrassment. Sure it was used to try to convince recruits and coordinators that there is stability within the football organization but come on, recruits and coordinators are able to see through this just as well as anybody else can. 80% of...
  12. Jet Jockey

    Football Coaching Staff / Coaching Carousel Thread

    The next coaching search needs to start and end with John Holecek.
  13. Jet Jockey

    Iowa 63, Illinois 0 POSTGAME

    Whitman didn't hire Groce and the UofI did not owe him 10M if he was fired.
  14. Jet Jockey

    Iowa 63, Illinois 0 POSTGAME

    Just out of curiosity who was the last coach, or has there ever been a coach that resigned and said I am just not up to the task, my heart is not in it.
  15. Jet Jockey

    Illinois Football Performance Center

    This design is hideous and an embarrassment to both the people who designed it and to Josh Whitman for allowing it to be released to the public.
  16. Jet Jockey

    The Illinois Coaching Search

    I was never in the Cuonzo camp but there seems to be some smoke blowing from that direction. I believe that a coaching staff needs to compliment each other in terms of strengths and weaknesses. I do not think it is any secret that Cuonzo's weakness is his x and o's. Who would be the top-shelf...
  17. Jet Jockey

    Memorial Stadium Renovation

    Good discussion. I have always wondered why the focus is on the SEZ for the football offices and complex. I thought it would make more sense to make the grand entrance to the stadium on the east side along with the football team complex and interconnecting this with a re-vamped indoor...
  18. Jet Jockey

    Purdue 91, Illinois 68 POSTGAME

    Illinois basketball is in a great place.
  19. Jet Jockey

    2017 Coaching Carousel

    Since the last two pages have concentrated on the NBA, I again would like to throw out the name of Ettore Messina. The most successful Euro League coach in history and current San Antonio assistant. He probably has no interest in the college game and naturally nobody can know what kind of...
  20. Jet Jockey

    Illinois 85, Michigan 69 POSTGAME

    I really enjoyed watching last night's game, finally, and for the most part was happy with the lineups, finally. If I have a complaint I think it would be Abrams at the shooting guard. We all know he is not that. Therefore, I would play TJL at the point and have Abrams back him up. I would...
  21. Jet Jockey

    2017 Coaching Carousel

    Deciding the fate of Groce will not be a difficult decision for Whitman. The answer will be readily apparent after the final game.
  22. Jet Jockey

    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    Are not the tapes where the star ratings come from?
  23. Jet Jockey

    2017 Coaching Carousel

    I have said it before. We need to open the checkbook and bring in Ettore Messina. If you have never heard of him, just google it.
  24. Jet Jockey

    Illini Basketball 2016-2017

    Lets think outside the box. Ettore Messina. Don't know if he can recruit but bet he can coach.
  25. Jet Jockey

    Winthrop 84, Illinois 80 OT POSTGAME

    Here is my lineup: Tracy backed up by TJL JCL backed up by Malcolm Malcolm backed up by DJ Leron backed up by Finke Maverick backed up by Finke and Thorne That is a 9 man rotation. Everyone else just gets scraps.