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  1. Huizy2

    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January 2019)

    How about "against Kofi's team, with Kofi in the lane"?
  2. Huizy2

    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January 2019)

    At the 1:52 mark you can see him score against Kofi.
  3. Huizy2

    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    He does goes on to say he likes all of the coaches at Illinois, they are in contact with him daily and that he may take an official visit to Illinois. I agree that it is a long shot at best, but he is listening and that is the first step.
  4. Huizy2

    Illinois Coaching Staff Search
  5. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

    The coaching staff needs to refund salaries for this week. Their clock management skills are nonexistent.
  6. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Florida State

    I am still waiting for Groce to teach the team anything related to basketball IQ. I guess the high school and grade school coaches are partially to blame, but other teams seem to learn these things.
  7. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Chicago State

    Most teams have a strength, something they do well despite having other deficiencies. It could be good defense, it could be post play, getting to the line, shooting, etc. Heck, it could be as simple as hustle or desire, never giving up. This team has nothing to hang its hat on. That has to go...
  8. Huizy2

    4/4 Games - The Final Four

    It's pretty obvious the NCAA wants Kentucky in the title game.
  9. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois at Alabama

    This team has nothing left. Nothing from the coaching staff, nothing left from the players. It's like they are stepping on the court for the first time as a team. That cannot happen.
  10. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois at Wisconsin

    At the Tilted Kilt on guys weekend in Chicago with my son, being politically incorrect wearing Blackhawk and Chief clothing getting ready to watch both games.
  11. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

    Since falling down after shooting gets a foul called, we should do it every time, too.
  12. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

    There is plenty of room. Come on down.
  13. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

    I am staying at the Homewood Suites a block away. Stumbled across Buckleys last night. Stumbled back to the hotel afterwards.
  14. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

    Sitting at Buckleys on Queen Anne in Seattle - here on on business - they were nice enough to put the game on the center bar TV for me. They even have a Chief flag hanging above the bar. ILL...
  15. Huizy2

    Ohio State 77, Illinois 61 POSTGAME

    This game was bad on many levels. Coaching, effort, basketball IQ, and officiating were all bad. The problem with the coaching and basketball IQ is they have not improved under the current staff and they may have regressed in the last year. The problem with the effort is it is contagious and...
  16. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois at Nebraska

    In San Diego on business and hanging with the local Illini Club at Players for the game.
  17. Huizy2

    Beer Thread

    Am in San Diego on business this week. My brother has made a batch of nut brown ale to have while I am here. Will crack open the first one tonight.
  18. Huizy2

    Beer Thread

    Sitting in BJ's Brewhouse in Dublin, CA having one of their PM Porters. For a chain their beer is pretty good.
  19. Huizy2

    Beer Thread

    Update on the North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout - the North Coast website showed that Schnucks carries their beers. I was in Schnucks this afternoon looking for this beer and the department manager and one of his beer suppliers asked if I was looking for something in particular...
  20. Huizy2

    Beer Thread

    I was in DC for busines and had a couple of beers I had never tried before at a place called Maddy's Tap Room. They were completely different but I enjoyed them both. The first was a Laughing Dog Huckleberry Cream Ale. It had a thick head and light carbonation like English cream ales and the...
  21. Huizy2

    Missouri 82, Illinois 73 POSTGAME

    The thing that disappointed me tonight was Illinois got back into this game by driving to the basket and completely abandoned that tactic down the stretch. Also, I would like to understand what constitutes a pivot foot and traveling in basketball today.
  22. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Georgia Tech

    At the half, 11 fouls on Illinois, 4 on GT. 10 FT's shot by GT, 1 by Illinois. Those stats need to be reversed in the second half.
  23. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Chaminade

    He is not afraid of being taken out if he makes a mistake.
  24. Huizy2

    Illinois 94, USC 64 POSTGAME

    Well that was a bit of fun. Other than the predictable lull after halftime, that is.
  25. Huizy2

    Game Thread: Illinois vs USC

    So when will the defense figure out the USC offense is now drive down the left side of the lane?