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    Why the Duke Hate?

    Duke is hated because they are so successful in attracting recruits, winning games and championships, filling their 'hallowed' arena; all on a regular basis. Jealousy might be the right word to describe the reason. People love to hate simple as that. And I'm one of them :)
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    National Championship Game: Duke 61, Butler 59

    Duke well and truly deserved it. I was rooting for Butler all through, but I'm not pissed at Duke winning it. Had it been against us, I would have felt that all the calls were going in favor of Duke. But since I didn't have that 'ulterior' motive, I felt that the refs were pretty impartial.
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    National Championship Game: Duke 61, Butler 59

    wow! what a game. feel bad for butler, but a great game nonetheless.
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    How does your Illini room compare to ilphotog's?

    Amy - Wow! That's awesome! Cary - Sad to hear that your legendary room has been retired. It was as good as they come.
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    A Peek At Next Year

    Karl Rove is our new coach next year It's not a photoshop!
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    Champaign Urbana Construction Projects

    The Boneyard plan looks great. Finally they seem to be delivering on past promises.
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    NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Sunday Games

    Wisky looking all over the place right now.
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    Ohio State 88, Illinois 81 2OT POSTGAME

    A great game from our boys in orange. We now seem to be a lock for the big dance.
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    Illinois 58, Wisconsin 54 POSTGAME

    Big Dance..Here we come :)
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    Illinois 51, Michigan 44 POSTGAME

    Ugly game...but the good thing is that we got the much needed win.
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    Texas, Notre Dame reportedly not on list of Big Ten expansion candidates

    I'm all for Rutgers. Being in NY, that'll give me a great chance to go and watch our beloved Illini in action.
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    Champaign-Urbana businessman Shahid Khan attempts to buy the St. Louis Rams

    On a (un)related note ;)
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    Ohio State 72, Illinois 53 POSTGAME

    I had to turn off my TV during the 2nd half...couldn't handle it :(
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    Illinois vs Ohio State Pregame, Sun 2/14, 12:00pm CBS

    72-68 Illini win. DMac scores 23 points and dishes out 8 assists.
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    Champaign-Urbana businessman Shahid Khan attempts to buy the St. Louis Rams

    Instead of saying 'Champaign-Urbana businessman', it'd be better if we say 'U of I alum' :)
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    Good Article on Jamar Smith

    It's nice to learn that Jamar is doing well. Good luck to him. Who knows what Weber tells them in private. After all, he's not communicating with his players via TV..he gets to meet them and talk to them daily! Making positive comments on TV (esp. for a player who was once close to him) will...
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    Games 2-12-10

    Terrific game. I wasn't following it, but then I saw this thread and tuned into ESPN.
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    Champaign-Urbana businessman Shahid Khan attempts to buy the St. Louis Rams

    I've met Mr. Khan once..I guess it was 3 yrs ago at a university event in Champaign. Apart from donating to the university, I believe he also donated a good amount for the construction of the new public library bldg in Champaign.
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    DMac Monument

    Weber is yelling because Bo ryan is apparently squeezing his hand way too hard. It's clear from hilmer's image.