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  1. Buck Turgidson

    TV Shows

    Looming Tower is very good. Rarely has a show made me that angry
  2. Buck Turgidson

    Beer Thread

    Had a very good APA this weekend. Clown Shoes Baked Goods. Was dry and hoppy and better than their IPA. From Ipswich MA. Hadn;t seen them in stores before so maybe they're branching out
  3. Buck Turgidson

    TV Shows

    Couldn't get into Preacher interesting premise and some great moments in the first 4-5 shows, but overall story drags to me. I lost interest in what would happen next. Animal Kingdom had a good first season - a graphic, violent, profane crime family story with enough twists in the story to...
  4. Buck Turgidson

    Brad Underwood Named Illini Basketball Coach

    I watch a fair amount of UConn Womens basketball, and I see a lot of similarities in the offensive style - ball moves quickly, aggressive passes deep into the post to cutters, extra passes to find open 3s, not a lot of dribbling and looking around. The style is fun to watch and effective - lots...
  5. Buck Turgidson

    The Illinois Coaching Search

    Aint it the truth. We're getting 2 ft here in central CT, but as long as the power stays on I'm OK with it. On the earlier question re: grey area - I side with S&C and Matt that as long as we're not enabling bad hombres and criminal activity, doing what it takes (and what every top high-major...
  6. Buck Turgidson

    What's in a name?

    My IL name is one of the great characters from one of the greatest movies ever (and there is a bit of a resemblance). Incidentally, I first saw Dr. Strangelove in Urbana on a Friday night my freshman year. They used to show classic movies in classrooms around campus. My next door neighbor at...
  7. Buck Turgidson

    Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

    Punters In 1983 I was in Block I. I arrived early for the Iowa game and was in the front row behind the Iowa bench. In warm-ups, Reggie Roby was punting. If you've never heard of Reggie Roby, he was big (maybe 6'3" and 250) known for an incredible leg (he didn't always get full contact and...
  8. Buck Turgidson

    2017 Coaching Carousel

    Frank the Tank is exactly who I thought of...
  9. Buck Turgidson

    Beer Thread

    Hop Commander is terrific - I agree. It is amazing how much good beer there is these days. Proliferation of microbreweries in NE (and those I get when I come back to the Midwest) is a very nice trend. Prices are up there, but quality and variety are so good. Also - if you or others get to...
  10. Buck Turgidson

    Beer Thread

    Do you get Two Roads in the Midwest? Their brewery is about a mile from where I used to live Also, just opened a Pioneer (Wolcott CT) American IPA...really good
  11. Buck Turgidson

    Beer Thread

    Out East I've been enjoying a few local beers and some national ones. For Xmas break I stocked up on Sierra Nevada Celebration, Lagunitas 12th of Never, and Caldera IPA (may pick up some Caldera Hopportunity Knocks as well). Local beers include Tröegs Blizzard of Hops, Two Roads Lil Heaven and...
  12. Buck Turgidson

    With Lovie as the new coach / CU bars

    Willie's Mug Club membership number, earned by chugging a large mug of beer to the cheers (jeers if you can't make it) of patrons at the Illini Inn. The Illini Inn was a divey bar that apparently is now gone
  13. Buck Turgidson

    With Lovie as the new coach / CU bars

    9556. For some unknown reason I waited until 2nd semester Senior year to join.
  14. Buck Turgidson

    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April-June 2016)

    So you're saying our chances are good?
  15. Buck Turgidson

    Beer Thread

    That's how I did the first round - blind tasting. Most of the beers you could tell which was which, but it was still a good way to do it
  16. Buck Turgidson

    Beer Thread

    So, a few friends and I did a "Beer Brackets" - 4 beers each in 4 'regions', where the regions were types of beer (IPA, Lager/Pilsner, Dark, and Pale Ales). You match them up on the weekends of the tourney. First weekend is a lot of beer (16 beers in 8 match-ups), which is a good problem to...
  17. Buck Turgidson

    Your first Illini FB game you attended in person

    Sept 6, 1980 vs. NU my sophomore year. My older brother was a Northwestern grad and came down from Chicago. It was the first game of the Mike White era. We won 35-9. I think that equaled the number of points scored in all of 1979 (kidding...sort of). And just to jump on the 1983...
  18. Buck Turgidson

    Illinois 64, Michigan 52 (OT) POSTGAME

    Something I thought was a big deal... winning the tip and scoring on the first possession in OT. I thought that after clawing our way back in and throttling their offense at the end of the 2nd half, had they scored first in OT a lot of our momentum would've been lost :shield:
  19. Buck Turgidson

    #Oskee 15 - Our New Recruits

    I don't know what I'm talking about....but Vaughn reminds of Donovonn Young in terms of taking contact and not going down. But Vaughn has a nice deceptive cut, changes direction pretty well and can make someone miss. And as another poster mentioned, he will pull away from guys in the open...
  20. Buck Turgidson

    Joe Cocker is dead

    Sad to hear. First time I saw him on film I thought, "wow, heavy drugs really do bad stuff to people". He had the thing where his hands looked palsied and he'd raise his arms as if he were boxing a kangaroo. But when he sang, it was awesome
  21. Buck Turgidson

    Illinois 89, Brown 68 POSTGAME

    This is exactly what I was thinking. We won the game in the first ~5 min of the second half. Everyone's legs should have been fresh on both sides. I like that we're winning our cupcake games by 20+ points. Compare and contrast to our friends to the East who lost to Eastern Washington...
  22. Buck Turgidson

    Wes Lunt out 4-6 weeks with leg fracture

    So... back for the bowl game :(
  23. Buck Turgidson

    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (July-August 2014)

    CB - I think the original poster was just being laxidaisical in their use of the idiom. But I am not an insider so I'm only speculating. :):illinois:
  24. Buck Turgidson

    White Sox Thread 2014

    Supposedly Farmer went on for 20 min on the radio. Heard it was special