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  1. Hope4better

    Penn State 72, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

    We have to be the worst team in the country when it comes to last possession of the half. Dribble the clock down to nothing and either throw up a prayer or turn it over
  2. Hope4better

    Penn State 72, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kane transfer he can’t get off of the bench. I could never understand why he didn’t get some time against Harms when we had no answer for him. At least his height may have caused him some problems
  3. Hope4better

    Game Thread: Illinois at Penn State

    Can someone explain to me why we can’t find more than two shots for Frazier ? I seem to remember he can shoot
  4. Hope4better

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Indiana

    When the other teams is shooting 15 more shots than you are you’re gonna lose pretty much every time. Getting pounded on the boards and they are shooting layups
  5. Hope4better

    Illinois 79, Michigan State 74 POSTGAME

    We need to play more teams that start with M
  6. Hope4better

    Illinois 78, Maryland 67 POSTGAME

    Less fouls,more rebounds and less turnovers,sounds like a plan to me. This team has progressed a ton in the last month
  7. Hope4better

    Illinois 78, Maryland 67 POSTGAME

    Really happy for this team. A great team effort bodes well for the future
  8. Hope4better

    Michigan 79, Illinois 69 POSTGAME

    This team just has no bench very few real contributors
  9. Hope4better

    Northwestern 68, Illinois 66 POSTGAME

    Ever since AD started to step up Frazier has disappeared. They can’t both play well in the same game for some reason
  10. Hope4better

    Florida Atlantic 73, Illinois 71 OT POSTGAME

    This team may very well have won their last game of the year
  11. Hope4better

    Ohio State 77, Illinois 67 POSTGAME

    When Ohio State started pounding it inside to start the second half the whole game changed. We get pounded on the boards in the second half every game
  12. Hope4better

    Nebraska 75, Illinois 60 POSTGAME

    The strength of this team is supposed to be the guards and right now that’s not happening. Hopefully it gets better with experience
  13. Hope4better

    Pregame: Illinois at Nebraska, Sunday, December 2nd, 4:00pm CT, BTN

    As much as I hate to say it we will underdogs in every Big Ten game this year I think. However I do feel things are heading in the right direction. This team right now just lacks size and experience
  14. Hope4better

    Illinois 62, Grand Canyon 58 POSTGAME

    This is the same thing people were saying after the New Mexico State game, who then beat undefeated Miami a few days later
  15. Hope4better

    Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

    I don’t see how you can expect these same players to be that much better next year
  16. Hope4better

    Pregame: Illinois vs Michigan State, Wednesday, March 1st, 8:00pm CT, BTN

    I think whether we can contain Ward will bee the key to the game, he is a load. He killed Wisconsin
  17. Hope4better


    After watching MSU yesterday I don't see us beating them the way they are playing now, I hope I'm wrong
  18. Hope4better

    Illinois 66, Northwestern 50 POSTGAME

    That's from trying to figure this team out
  19. Hope4better

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Northwestern

    Will Groce never learn that Hill is not a point guard? We do the same damn thing every time and it always ends the same way. Sounds like the definition of insanity to me
  20. Hope4better

    2017 Coaching Carousel

    I have to believe that JW is getting advice and evaluation from someone that he feels can give him expert evaluation of the current staff and what is going on
  21. Hope4better

    Penn State 83, Illinois 70 POSTGAME

    Exactly, lack of assists, no ball movement
  22. Hope4better

    Penn State 83, Illinois 70 POSTGAME

    When Groce took over I remember him saying assist to turnover ratio would be a point of emphasis, when is the last time anyone remembers that being brought up??
  23. Hope4better

    Penn State 83, Illinois 70 POSTGAME

    Check out the comments by Dean Thomas in today's Tribune, doesn't sound like he's a fan of the present staff
  24. Hope4better

    Pregame: Illinois vs Penn State, Saturday, February 11th, 1:00pm CT, BTN

    Obviously it is possible mathematically, but I don't believe it is realistically