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  1. dweebs19

    3/24 Games

    ikr....I remember the days when all I had to worry about was what seed the Illini would get in the NCAA tournament or if we would get past the sweet 16 that year. Now, I just hope to make the NIT tournament
  2. dweebs19

    FBI College Basketball Corruption Investigation

    The guy is an idiot. Why go on the phone yourself? no middlemen? we all know they're all getting paid. We'd be naive to think no school is playing the game, but don't be the coach on the phone line. That's stupid.
  3. dweebs19


    Honestly would rather be the 10 seed than be the 8/9 seed
  4. dweebs19


    Assuming no upsets, looks like if Illinois loses the next 2, they don't get a bye. Have to win at least 1/2. If they beat Penn State, they get the 7/10 matchup against Ohio State and then Mich St. If they beat Indiana, they get in the 8/9 matchup with Purdue awaiting the winner.
  5. dweebs19

    2/16 Weekend Games

    I just saw the last 30 seconds of that game. This is one of those that if you're Rutgers, there's really nothing you could have done about that.
  6. dweebs19

    Pregame: Illinois at Wisconsin, Monday, February 18th, 7:00pm CT, FS1

    I mean...why not? we might as well continue the streak
  7. dweebs19

    Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

    Illini gotta learn to make free throws
  8. dweebs19

    Illinois 99, Rutgers 94 OT POSTGAME

    I believe the schedule was set when "the last guy" was still the coach. Don't think BU had anything to do with the scheduling
  9. dweebs19

    Illinois 71, Nebraska 64 POSTGAME

    Illinois going to mess around and win the B1G tournament and sneak into the NCAAT
  10. dweebs19

    Pregame: Illinois vs Georgetown, Tuesday, November 13th, 7:30pm CT, FS1

    damn...Georgetown already? we done with cupcakes?
  11. dweebs19

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Evansville

    45-16 good guys 5:04 remaining in 1st half
  12. dweebs19

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Evansville

    Ayo having himself a debut
  13. dweebs19

    Villanova 79, Michigan 62

    I've got money on Nova, but I won't be mad if Michigan wins. I think a B1G team needs to win the tournament one of these days.
  14. dweebs19

    Villanova 79, Michigan 62

    Michigan vs Nova
  15. dweebs19

    Bracket Matrix & NCAAs

    I think Minny and MSU are the only losses
  16. dweebs19

    Trent Frazier named B1G Freshman of the Week

    I don't see why a kid from Florida fell in love with Illinois, but I'll take it
  17. dweebs19

    Very Good Brandon Paul Story

    that was a good read. Thanks for sharing. ps: I didn't get a paywall
  18. dweebs19

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Longwood

    yea seriously...just came back from the work holiday party. Pleasantly surprised to see Illini are not keeping this close
  19. dweebs19

    Aaron Jordan

    I love the Aaron Jordan story and I'm glad he stayed. He's a leader. I'm looking forward to see him grow and be even better net year
  20. dweebs19

    Maryland 92, Illinois 91 OT POSTGAME

    Just disappointed in the bonehead mistakes we make. We need to learn to close games out. Good job fighting back, but we need to close these out. That's 2 straight B1G games where we can't close it out. Enough with the stupid mistakes. Some of the players making these mistakes are upperclassmen too.
  21. dweebs19

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    are you !!!!ing kidding me? that was all ball
  22. dweebs19

    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    Illinois just has a knack of not closing games they should close out. I appreciate the effort to battle back from a 22 point deficit, but cmon, learn how to close games.