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  1. BillyBob1

    2/16 Weekend Games

    Iowa could shoot that numerous times and never make it that same way.
  2. BillyBob1

    2/16 Weekend Games

    Purdue with 23 turnovers against Ped State.
  3. BillyBob1

    Illinois 63, Ohio State 56 POSTGAME

    Love watching the end when Coach is talking. All eyes in that front row are focused on him and listening to every word!
  4. BillyBob1

    Illinois 63, Ohio State 56 POSTGAME

    And talk about a kid who gets on the floor!
  5. BillyBob1

    Illinois 99, Rutgers 94 OT POSTGAME

    Funny moment from Rebounders lunch. Someone asked about Giorgi bouncing the ball high off the court on in bounds plays. Coaches response, “that has been addressed.” Nothing else!
  6. BillyBob1

    2/12 Games

    LSU tipped in a missed shot before the buzzer. Sure looked like goaltending!
  7. BillyBob1

    Illinois 99, Rutgers 94 OT POSTGAME

    Any Krush members on this Board? I noticed yesterday several not wearing orange. They are the Orange Krush! Just curious.
  8. BillyBob1

    Illinois 79, Michigan State 74 POSTGAME

    Remember the jerk last year after he won and tried to heap praise on us? Oh Illinois, they’re the best 0 and whatever team in the country.
  9. BillyBob1

    Illinois-Michigan State Animated GIFs

    Another good GIF would be the pass from ADLR to Kipper. Really nice pass and finish. Also ADLRtaking 2 charges!
  10. BillyBob1

    Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

    That is correct. IF they are holding the ball, then they can count if closely guarded.
  11. BillyBob1

    Illinois 78, Maryland 67 POSTGAME

    Go to the schools button and select Illinois. Move the week selection to last week and it will show up. Click on it and it should work.
  12. BillyBob1

    1/27 Games

    That white floor started looking yellowish late in the game.
  13. BillyBob1

    Illinois-Maryland Animated GIFs

    Travel! Travel! No, foul on Illinois.
  14. BillyBob1

    Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

    Remember when they called hanging on the rim a T?
  15. BillyBob1

    Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

    Baer jumps on top of Williams, jump ball.
  16. BillyBob1

    Illinois 95, Minnesota 68 POSTGAME

    One thing this entire board can get behind. Keep fighting!🙏🙏
  17. BillyBob1

    Old Timers Thread

    The Old Saint Nick, right across from Amrak station.
  18. BillyBob1

    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January 2019)

    More a line of versatile scorers.
  19. BillyBob1

    Pregame: Illinois vs Florida Atlantic, Saturday, December 29th, 2:00pm CT, BTN Plus

    That is the same picture that is on the game ticket. I’m sure they do that for every game.
  20. BillyBob1

    2018 St. Louis Cardinals

    We need to start a new thread!
  21. BillyBob1

    Illinois 73, East Tennessee State 55 POSTGAME

    Is there a GIF of the play the East Tennessee State player was booted?