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    Game Thread: Illinois at Indiana

    Hope you didn’t bet the farm
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    Illini Volleyball 2018

    I come from the south like you to all Illini BBall and FBall games. Instead of taking Curtis Road I prefer to get off at Pesotum and take rt 45 North. Turn right on Windsor Road (Arby's on corner) after turning right the second stop light is fourth street which will take you to the SFC lots...
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    Mark Smith transferring to Missouri

    +1000 Can't believe we're still talking about MS. He's gone...let's get better players and move on. Go ILLINI!
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    Coaching Carousel

    Heard that St Bonaventure coach Mark Schmidt is possible target for Xavier. Former assistant there finished 2nd in A10.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (March 2018)

    Good example, another would be Coach K at Duke. First year okay, second year he was 10-17, third year 11-17. It wasn't until his fourth year that Duke was ranked. Not saying BU is Coach K, but give him a chance. As far as those concerned with BU's demeanor. He didn't develop that overnight...
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    D1 Hockey at Illinois

    Per wikapedia In 1993, the varsity team was dropped as well as the men's swimming and the men's and women's diving team due to budget cuts and a few other reasons, including Title IX, which was starting to take real effect on school athletics. I guess burning a hole in the football field...
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    Illinois 82, DePaul 73 POSTGAME

    Nowhere near sold out. Actually I thought crowd would have been bigger. Come on Illini fans - these guys are fun to watch!
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    Illinois Football Performance Center

    Illinois Athletic Department Debt Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I was surprised to see the amount of debt the Illinois Athletic Department is carrying. Only 3 other public universities in the country are carrying more debt than Illinois...and that was before the Performance...
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    Josh Whitman Named 14th Illinois Athletics Director

    Please NO!! I can't take any more bad news today...
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    Tim Beckman Fired

    Is it a butt saving attempt by Thomas...or with all the bad publicity lately is Killeen and/or the board forcing the move as an attempt to reduce further negative publicity before the report is public. I find it hard to believe that the internal investigation could have been so wrong. Also, I...
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    Tim Beckman Fired

    He won't when he gets his high paid "teaching" position out of this.
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    Tim Beckman Fired

    Nope! You're over qualified...sorry
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    Tim Beckman Fired

    Guess Beckman used his private email account for Fighting Illini Football business.
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    State Farm Center Renovation

    okay, so the scorers bench stays on the same side. I thought the benches were going to be in front of the expanded student section. thanks
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    State Farm Center Renovation

    Forgive me if this has already been answered somewhere. When looking at the new seating arrangement it appears that the band (and I'd guess cheerleaders also) will be sitting on the opposite end of the floor (caty-corner) from the ILLINI bench. If the home team always sits to the left of...
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Alabama

    Yeah, but the overwhelming toughness and togetherness it brings more than makes up for it
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    Michigan 73, Illinois 55 POSTGAME

    Bo Ryan has taken Wisconsin now to 17 straight NCAA tournaments. He has had some good players in the past but his teams have not all been filled with superstars. What he has done is been able to work with what he has, minimize the number of mistakes, make adjustments during a game and keep his...
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    Michigan State 60, Illinois 53 POSTGAME

    Maybe a better comparison would be Beilein at Michigan. He started 21-33 in BIG play before getting it turned around. I hope we rise like they did over the next 3-4 years.
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    Michigan State 60, Illinois 53 POSTGAME

    Really? Maryland, Purdue and MSU are all tied for 2nd...not exactly the soft part of the schedule
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    Illinois 59, Michigan State 54 POSTGAME

    Not sure about how much he misses him.....he was only 8-7 vs Weber and is now 2-2 vs Groce with a big rematch coming up at the SFC
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    Ohio State 77, Illinois 61 POSTGAME

    I guarantee we will not lose to Wisconsin at home this year.....