1/11 Games

Bonnaroo Land
Wiscy at PsU holding them scoreless for the first 7:45. Wiscy leads 8-0 with 12:15 left in 1st
It’s been a weird start to the Big Ten season. Seems like a lot of the teams that were ranked early in conference play are struggling (OSU looking bad, PSU, Michigan, and Maryland looking mediocre) while unranked teams are playing well (Illinois, Rutgers, Wisconsin). MSU seems like the clear favorite but after that I have no clue how the standings will shape up.
Glad we got Wisky when we did. Light bulb seemed to come on for Potter against us. With he and Reuvers and their physical guards they are going to be tough to beat the rest of the way.
Likes: foby
Bonnaroo Land
missery beating the gatorades at home 35-20 with about 6 left in first half. Ugh.