1/14 Games

#3 Dook 22
Clemson 28
7:49 to go in the first half.

Nebby 25
#21 aOSU 38
At the half

#11 Louisville 15
Pittsburgh 24
7:57 to go in the first half
Also coming up...

#13 Dayton

#23 Texas Tech
Kansas State

#14 Villanova
Is anybody in the Kohl center awake? You would think the home crowd would be up for a 3 point lead vs Maryland but it's like Sunday church in there.
They just showed a stat in the Wisconsin/Maryland game that the Big Ten is 8-1 when an unranked team is playing a ranked team at home. The rest of D1 is 5-26 in the same situation.
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Inexplicable final two minutes by Wisconsin. Bad coaching, bad decision making on the floor. Hope they still manage to squeak this out.
New York
Crazy ending. Davison with the winner.
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Bonnaroo Land
DePaul loses in OT at Nova 79-75. Moore went off with 29 and 5-7 from 3. DePaul is now 0-4 in the Big East.
Bonnaroo Land
Akron whips NIU 72-49 to go to 14-3 and stay undefeated in the MAC at 4-0. Way to go Johnny G.
How did we lose to Clownzo? :frustrated:
Meh, try and forget about it. I'm looking at it as, how did we go from winning in OT vs Nichols to beating Purdue by 26 and going to Wisconsin and winning? It's just growth in all areas. My dad, who hadn't been able to tune into a full game since Miami, in the middle of watching the Wisconsin game tells me.....I can't believe this is the same team. The difference is.....the guards. At critical times, the guards are now taking control, hitting big shots, taking care of the ball and making free throws. It's the stuff more experienced teams do to close out games. It's the difference between beating Wisconsin on the road and losing to Maryland. Just experience wrapping up games at winning time. Our boys didn't exactly do a ton of winning last year. It's a mentality....I think you're starting to see that mentality and confidence grow right before your very eyes. It starts with #11, who has been "as advertised" over the last couple of weeks.

Just takes time, which is why when BU asked if he was bothered that the fans were getting impatient with the consistency....he flat out said, no because none of them or you(media) knows anything. He laughed because it was tongue in cheek, but he's right. Nobody on this board knows what it takes to build a high D1 program from the ground up. We pretend we do from the seats, but we don't.

After that Wisconsin game, you see how much his team loves him, you see how much he loves his team and you see the respect he gets from other coaches.

I think the program, as it's being proven (on the court and in recruiting).....is in the right hands. I'm so glad we don't have that goofball Martin....who'll probably be fired in the next two years. After he got the Porter's in and they had the one good year, they've been trash. We're projected to go to the tournament and have a top 15 recruiting class.....they're losing by 30 to Mississippi State and no help in sight.