1/7 Games

For those of you on duty for the Khalil Whitney watch, UK is playing Crean's GA tonight on ESPN at 8:00 CST.
Hoping for a couple of good games in conference tonight.
PSU at Rutgers
OSU at Maryland
St. Peters MO
Mizzery loses at home to Tennessee....how the hell did we lose to them
Mizzou didn’t have Tilmon tonight. He has a stress fracture, out indefinitely.
Rutgers is getting it done, just hope we can take care of them at home!
What a crazy year it's been in College ball so far!
Little Rock, Arkansas
PSU had zero effort today. I'm not buying Rutgers.
I’m buying any B1G team if we are playing them on their court.

Until we show otherwise, winning away from SFC will be difficult.
Miami loss looks bad, Mizzou loss looks bad, Michigan is up in the air although for most part looks good, Maryland was a good loss so to speak from a numbers stand point, and still is.

In light of everything 2-2 with wins vs Purdue/Michigan and loss vs MSU and Maryland is probably where we should be...now if we can get through the next 5 with a 4-1 record....we might be onto something from there on out. 2 of those games are rematches...Purdue and Michigan.

After that stretch we would have, 6-5 or 5-6 to close out giving us a likely 11-9?