1932 to 1936 IHSA Basketball Tournaments


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Today, the IHSA released some fascinating, recently discovered film of the 1932 to 1936 IHSA state tournament games at Huff Gym (before it was called Huff Gym), when there was a center jump after every score, when kids shot the ball from half court as part of the offense, when Lou Boudreau was a sophomore (and made behind the back passes, 30 years before Bob Cousy, 40 before Pete Maravich), and for 1932 at least there was no 10 second line and teams used the whole court for their offense.
Game was only 40 years old when this was shot by the same IHSA administrator who coined the phrase March Madness and helped change baskeballs from laced to molded. Too cool. I may be the only one who finds this so interesting (well, me, Scott Johnson and O'Brien) but I post it for those interested in the history of Illinois basketball. (For those who are only mildly interested, the first video is only 11 minutes long and covers the highlights with a narration from Scott.)

Incredible footage. Why didn't anyone think to drive to the basket?
would not think you were the only one who finds this interesting. I remember being 18 years old living in Chicago and dragging my roomies out to eat at the Richmond Hunt Club just so we could come home through Hebron. Growing up in IN we all heard about Milan but when I moved to IL and read about Hebron I had to make the trip. My friends that were lane tech, lakeview and Roosevelt grads thought I was nuts but IHSA and IHSAA basketball has always been an interesting study in the history of the game as well as fodder for cultural and societal change as well.