2/18 Games

UCLA down 4 to ASU. That would really hurt their tourney chances, especially since they'll likely have another loss next against Arizona.
New York
Crazy finish in regulation. Now to OT. Tyus jones is awesome.
Nice win for Iowa State tonight on the road. They don't have many good road wins, so this was a better than average away game for them against OK State
Why not just make it, and foul before they inbound the ball so they don't run any time off? Duke's been missing them. 3.5 seconds is plenty of time to get up the court.
New York
Nebraska is sub 100, but Georgia Southern is creeping back near top 100 now
New York
And one more comment - ridiculous that anyone would consider a road loss to the #101 RPI team a bad loss but a home loss to the #100 RPI not. Very arbitrary bright line that I doubt is followed rigidly
Lots of games today.

All times CT

From the Palm reader:

How the Fighting Illini Can Boost Their RPI Today

American needs to beat Boston University
Game Info: 6:00 PM | TV: CBS Sports Network

Miami (Fla.) needs to beat Virginia Tech
Game Info: 6:00 PM | TV: ESFC

Indiana State needs to beat Missouri State
Game Info: 7:00 PM | TV: ESP3

Missouri needs to beat Arkansas
Game Info: 8:00 PM | TV: SECN

Northwestern needs to beat Minnesota
Game Info: 8:00 PM | TV: BTN

Oregon needs to beat Colorado
Game Info: 10:00 PM | TV: ESPU


Oregon and Miami winning are double edged swords since they are potentially in bubble territory. (Both are currently on the bad side of the bubble.) Still, I think we probably want them to win (and all the other bubble teams to lose).

Bubble games (teams we want to win are bolded):
228 East Carolina at 51 Tulsa (7pm ESPNU)
41 Xavier at 34 Cincy -- ?? (6pm ESPN2) (I'm probably going with Cincy here to hurt Xavier's chances, but Xavier winning could improve chances that both miss it.)
63 Davidson at 76 GW (6pm)
39 Umass at 69 URI (6pm)
24 Providence at 137 Depaul (8pm CBSSN) (Providence seems to be well in, but losing this might slide them to the edge of the bubble)
37 UCLA at 97 Arizona St (8pm ESPN2)
28 Colorado St. at 213 Fresno St. (9pm ESPN3)

Other good games:

- 14 Iowa St. @ 22 Ok St. 8pm ESPNU
- 15 UNC at 4 Duke 8pm ESPN

Curious about why we wanted NW to beat Minny?