2/22 Games

Little Rock, Arkansas
I would disagree with the last one because although our RPI would improve if Oregon won, they are on the bubble probably just outside the field right now. Therefore, a win would put more pressure on us to keep pace with the bubble.

Interesting, so although it would help our RPI incrementally, it would be bad because it would be a solid win against a top team and help them get on the right side of the bubble.

So we would rather have a small RPI drop as opposed to another team to compete with on the bubble.

Ugh...I hate the bubble.
Little Rock, Arkansas
Nebraska pretty sloppy at home. Down 18-5 at under 12 TO.
The good new is that Illinois doesn't really need to rely on other teams losing to get them in. They control their own destiny at this point.
the Front Range
Did anyone see that miles is banning his players from going in the locker room? Odd move, not sure if that would help motivate them.
Love watching the UVA Pack line D. Listened to JG talk and teach the pack line. UVA has down in spades. I know folks want to see teams score every 8 seconds or so but I really appreciate a good defensive scheme.