2/23 Games

Lexington, KY
KU down 4 to Brucie's Boys with 2:30 left.

Cliffry Alexander is LIGHTING IT UP with a ZERO point and ONE rebound game.
Lexington, KY
Nevermind, Cliff has FOUR rebounds. He also has FOUR fouls.
N of I-80
Just wanted to check out my new avatar, resulting from one of the games played on 2/23.
The Transfer Portal
It was the Bruce-est moment.

We're going to robbed of so much comedy potential because of the amount of people that will use this to have a VERY SERIOUS conversation about storming the court.
Iowa City
Cliff now has 2 points in his last 3 games. Its the little things in life that make me smile.
I watched the K/KSt game and was surprised at how well K State played in the second half. In addition to stalwart D, they were pretty patient about not jacking 3s and getting decent looks inside. Kansas is a great team but it made me wonder about another early exit. They looked gassed the last 5 minutes.

Of course I was torn about my allegiances.
That's why God don't like ugly :)

2009 was the last class to have a top 5 player average less ppg than Cliff.