2/29 Games

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Really impressed by the BTN's hoops coverage. Not just the call teams, but the studio too. Readily admit that I haven't been very engaged watching Big Ten hoops (outside of our games) while we've been wandering around the Diaspora. But the worm has turned and, hot damn, this is fun! Great games, great calls, great coverage, great analysis. Bravo, BTN!

Not gonna lie, I think Settles is good (blasphemy!).
In 1953, Iowa football fans stormed the field after Illinois won a hotly contested game. In the resulting melee an Illinois football player clocked an Iowa fan breaking his jaw. We did not play them in football for I believe 14 years. It has been ugly ever since.

We won the game
An Iowa fan got his jaw broken.
Some Iowa fans were upset but I just saw it as win win. But that's just me.
Upset Saturday... providence over Villanova and Texas over Tech.

During the Kansas KSU game (Wildcats made it interesting, but lost)...the announcer called Garza and The C for Kansas leaders for NCAA B POY...
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Oklahoma wins at West Virginia. Mountaineers are now 7-9 in conference and have lost 6 of 7. Last two games are at Ames and home for Baylor. They're actually ranked #20 and have been considered a lock, but missing the NCAAs should be a possibility.

Notre Dame loses at Wake. Still have a big home game with FSU, but a win there might lose a little luster with Clemson beating the Seminoles today.

North Carolina ripped Syracuse in the dome. Losing like that to a team with UNC's record would normally be fatal, but the Tar Heels right now aren't a typical sub-.500 team.
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Settles is good, and he seemed very genuine with his kind words about Lou in one of our games. I have almost forgotten who he played for...
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MD more than halfway toward the customary 14 point lead it likes to spot opponents before ripping their hearts out...
Standings too complicated to get me to root for Iowa or MSU. Win out and what happens, happens.
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I absolutely loathed Settles when he played. Agree with the above, he is a quality announcer.
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Standings too complicated to get me to root for Iowa or MSU. Win out and what happens, happens.
Crazy but true. If we root for Maryland, kiss a tie for first place good bye. Root for MSU and our seeding chances get messy. I’d rather Maryland win and MSU gets knocked out of a tie for second. But that’s me.
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