2/29 Games

Clemson beats FSU....
Nevada leading SDSU....if they win and St Mary's figures something out against Gonzaga....this will be the biggest "upset Saturday" this year.
If MSU wins tonight and we go 2-1 then we can't get a double bye if they lose @PSU and win at home against OSU. We would need them to go 2-0, 0-2, or 1-1 with that win being @PSU.

That scenario is assuming all the other teams do what they're expected to do.
MSU up 16 with 13:00 to go.
I've seen this movie before
Maybe ends differently today

Edit:. Now 18
Crazy but true. If we root for Maryland, kiss a tie for first place good bye. Root for MSU and our seeding chances get messy. I’d rather Maryland win and MSU gets knocked out of a tie for second. But that’s me.
if It’s just us and turtles how would we tie for first? They beat us twice and have the tiebreaker.