2/5 Games

When I first saw the score of Pu game I thought did Ia send their JV team. We beat Pu at home. Now we have to beat Md.
Iowa only gets dinged for a 10 point loss in NET ... I wouldn't mind a similar outcome in a month. Hopefully, Providence can hold lead vs. Creighton
Holy cr&p. Just tuned into the Iowa game. Have no idea how the outcome outcome impacts NET and don’t care. Damn.
Herndon, VA
So, another Big 10 home team wins by 185 points this season. Not a surprise.
Unfortunately, I believe NET has a cut off for margin of victory. Still, Iowa’s Kenpom is gonna TANK.
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Big Purdue fans tonight!
Wish they would’ve dunked at the end or hit another 3, minstead of holding the ball. Kudos to their walk on, fun to watch at the end.
Frannie boy seemed resigned after the 17-0 run