2/7 Games

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Here's hoping PSU can drag down OSU one more game closer to us tonight. PSU is keeping it close as the second half starts....
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So if that finish at OSU, lose 74-70, wasn't so PSU, then nothing is!
Herndon, VA
So now we have IU vs Iowa. If Iowa wins, then IU is tied with us.

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The sweet spot is 10th place. 8 or 9 and you likely get Michigan in your second game who I think stands out among conference teams. Although teams with a win under their belt often pull upsets against teams playing their first game.
We are in a predicament as I see the way we are playing currently we will end up most likely in the 8/9 game. Minnesota has to play 4 ranked teams over their final 8 games so if we go 6-2 down the stretch we probably end up in the 7th spot. Anything higher than 7th seems unattainable, and the way Penn State and Northwestern are playing are floor is probably 12th.
And with that loss for Indiana we will be playing Rutgers for sole possession of 9th place on Saturday.
They have done it Tess!
dough, just what I kneaded on a Friday with all the puns. It makes me crusty.
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I just don't know about you people.
All I am hoping for is that we open up against RU on Saturday with a barrage of scoring so that they get a quick clue to
baguette early!