2018-2019 PGA Season

Except for the scenery, Pebble pro-am is just another ho-hum tournament last round. Bunch of dullards announcing and no Bill Murray!

Beautiful place, though, and I like Nick. Rather have him at NBC than Azinger, but Nick ain't the controversial type on air, it seems.

Great coverage overall, but McCord is still a jerk IMO. And Kostis (sp?) is a non-entity making million$.
So next week the tour goes to Riviera. Same ol' same ol' blah blah blah?
I am going to beg to differ on McCord and Costis. Would love to have McCord at the Masters.
I think they both bring goodness and interest to the broadcast.
I tell you what, these guys are playing in some really weird course conditions today to finish this thing off, and I like it.
Great effort by Langley, probably his best finish on the Tour in years, and he held strong on Sunday against a stacked field. He's now 54th in Fedex Cup standings, and has a good shot of making the Players field next month.