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What’s the case for Todd Orlando? I’m really only considering 2 or 3 defensive coordinators and he’s not one of them.
Orlando's credentials have been posted on here. I'm in the fan club for at least consideration
My boy on the UT staff really likes Fedora, but I personally question his decision making, as he tried to hire Beckman and had to be shut down from above.
Don't need Fedora around here particularly with our sketchy history of being less than sensitive to player injuries. He and Beckman probably have the same mindset. Fedora thinks that football is becoming soft and is under attack and questions the existence of CTE. No thank you.

Yeah, looks like the recruiting wheels came off on 2019. Okay, I crossed him off my list.

Looks like we better go get Jason Candle before someone else snaps him up.
Candle might be a great coach. But going back to the Toledo well....blech.
Werner was pondering this the other day when he had Rittenburg on and the convo was suggestive that Monken may not be as married to the system as it seems. I have no clue what other offenses he’s been around/ran so I can’t speak to it but it was intriguing. Especially given his connections to the local area.
Maybe Todd Monken. Good resume. Definitely turned around a terrible Southern Miss team. Maybe hard to go back to the NFL for a hire though.
Too confusing... I can see so many casual fans... "Wait- they rehired that guy that got fired?"
Your choices are Toledo's coach or Tim Beck. Which is worse? Lol.

Maybe Todd Monken. Good resume. Definitely turned around a terrible Southern Miss team. Maybe hard to go back to the NFL for a hire though.
Eh, that's a program that has been very good for a very long time both before and after Monken. The Ellis Johnson mess did create a bad roster situation that he had to dig out of, but that's all he really did, just get them back up and running again.

We need to take a chill pill with plucking coaches out of the NFL anyway. Diminishing returns are setting in, White, Mackovic, Turner, Lovie.
That's a terrible website. And it gets linked all the time.

I've considered trying to start my own version.
Yeah- there are a lot of guys on that list that are actually still pretty safe and some that he ranks pretty low that I think need to be a bit more concerned. Willie Taggert at 9 seems low. Kalani Sitake at 6 seems high. Jimbo Fisher and Chip Kelly ranked pretty high too for a couple of big hires that have only had 2 years. And Dana Holgerson and Manny Diaz on that list at all after 1 year. Nope- this list is all kinds of questionable.
What would everyone's opinion be of Whitman if Lovie is retained?
On coaches, barring scandal, I give them 4 years to turn things around. If after year 4 I do not have hope that the coach can turn around the program, I cut bait. I typically error on the side of caution as I think there is something to having continuity. I cut bait after emu. They could win me back but it would take a 6 win season. I’d be devastated currently, if they kept lovie. I’m a die hard that keeps hope through hard times as long as there is hope. I’ve lost hope with lovie.
I think a lot of it depends on the expectations of the job. I still think Whitman sees Lovie as the long term answer. Obviously that's probably not true, but we wouldn't know until the announcement of a change.

I don't know what his track record with coaching hires looks like. Is he in unchartered waters with a high profile hire not working out?

In reality I think a 4th year on average is generous if no visible improvement from 1-3(similar to our current situation). I don't think it's really as scientific as people make it out to be and there's always risk involved between retaining a coach or making a change.
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I assume Whitman is doing his job right now. Through back channels reaching out to a few select candidates.
(My hope is they are in Memphis and Cincinnati.) Please stop telling me these guys are not achievable. That's
just not true, and if it is, we need to get out of the football business..
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What would everyone's opinion be of Whitman if Lovie is retained?
I've thought from the beginning that Lovie would get 5 years. I also thought that year 4 we would see a turn around. Lovie's defense isn't working and I'm ready for a change. I think most people will be pissed at Whitman if Lovie is here in 2020 and some will call for Whitman's head if he is. For me I see it as Whitman keeping his word to Lovie.

0440 you seem to be closer to the situation than anybody here. What's your take on the situation?
What would everyone's opinion be of Whitman if Lovie is retained?
You can make a case for retaining Lovie . . . just not a good one. I wasn't in the "Lovie has to get Illini to a bowl game or be fired" camp at the beginning of the year, but like everyone I wanted to see improvement. And I'm just not seeing enough to warrant giving him a chance to coach his first real class as seniors. If Lovie were retained, I think Whitman has to be able to articulate very clearly why -- and the "we always felt this would take five years" thing doesn't fly. He has to be able to say what he has done to earn another year because I just don't see next year being much better. And he needs to hire a frickin DC.
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If Lovie is retained, it had better be with a new defensive coordinator with a new scheme and new linebacker coach, at a minimum. Perhaps a new D-line coach.
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