2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Thread

That was incredibly fun. What a team. They outscored their opponents by a total of 26-3 over the whole WWC finals tournament. Yeah, that's a record, too.

I think Rapinoe's comments were spot on, though the way they were reported were for max clicks, of course. Her bottom line was It's the World Cup Final; why would the same organization schedule competing events on that day? They don't for the men, so why are they doing not one, but TWO other events on the same day that the women play?! That's insane. I think she's absolutely right, particularly when FIFA claims they want to expand the WWC field to 32 teams. There isn't enough quality for 32 teams yet, because the money hasn't flowed into the women's game long enough to build strong national programs across the world. That's the whole point behind Rapinoe's argument, first the money has to flow, then you'll have a 32 team field, and the payoff will be worth it.

Certainly what this WWC showed is that there's demand. That means there's a lot more money which can be made. Invest in growth.

FIFA (other bodies too) and logic?

THAT is scary.
What's everyone's take on Rapinoe criticizing FIFA for scheduling this final the same day as the Copa America and Gold Cup finals?

I had no idea there was any complaints from anyone. When I looked at ESPN and saw the schedule I thought, "WHATTT??? That's really poor planning."