2019 NFL Draft Thread

Draft set to begin tonight.

I'll post all the 1st round picks, picks from B1G schools, and picks from state schools.

I know we have a Bears/NFL thread on here but it'll work better to have this thread separate from that one.
The language is too NSFW to post the YouTube video on IL, but I always loved Bill Burr's short comedy bit on watching the NFL draft from his I'm Sorry You Feel That Way stand-up special.

"That's like going to a graduation ceremony where you don't know anybody that's graduating. They're gonna have the whole list the next day!"
Herndon, VA
With the way the board sits right now and unless a trade happens, I wonder if Haskins falls to the Washington NFL Franchise at 16.
IlliniFaninHoosierLand, thanks for starting this thread. The Redskins are at 15. Here in DC land the talk is that the owner and GM are taking over the pick for number 1 because Haskins is a local kid and with fan defection, they want to create fan interest. we'll see.