2019 NFL Draft Thread

With the 196th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select Blessuan Austin, CB, Rutgers.

With the 197th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select Trace McSorley, QB, Penn State.
Here's the NFL.com draft analysis on Whyte, Jr.:

Draft Projection
Round 7-Priority free agent

NFL Comparison
Jordan Todman

Whyte put together impressive production in 2018 despite getting half the carries of celebrated starter, Devin Singletary. He is more of a slasher than a pure runner and is much more comfortable with clear points of entry or with plays flowing wide. He can stick and go with excellent burst and is physical by nature. He has complementary back size and lacks consistent third down skill, but his speed could make him a developmental backup and starting kick returner.

10 touchdowns in 144 touches from scrimmage in 2018
Tough, explosive runner with good early pace
One-cut talent with burst to drive past second level
Decisive in his attack
Good foot quickness to manage tight quarters
Has speed to turn corner wide
Runs aggressively through contact with above-average balance
Late hip slip to elude angle tackles
Willing to sit and square blitzers
Career average of 26.1 yards per kick return
Hits it downhill with no-nonsense return style

Needs to learn to press line of scrimmage with discipline
Vision is below average
Ramrod running style leaves yards on the field
Needs more finesse in finding tracks between the tackles
Tardy in setting up tacklers to miss
Finds more traffic than he should
Blinders come up once he hits "go gear." Double catches passes and inconsistent tracking it
Loses sight of twists and blitzers and gets quarterback hit
I'm satisfied enough with the Bears draft this year. With as few picks as they had and, aside from RB, no absolutely glaring needs, they ended up drafting best player available at their particular draft spot.
Thanks for doing this.

The Illini offense should be better this fall just from how many of our opponents' Defense went pro this week. A lot of DE/LB/CB/S players who won't be on our schedule, now.
Thanks for doing this.

The Illini offense should be better this fall
From what I saw this spring and from listening to Rod's interviews, our QBs are inconsistent. That is, good one day, not so good the next day. We can't have that, sez Rod. I don't really want to hear about starting a freshman.