2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Sycamore, Illinois
It would not surprise me to see the Blues win tomorrow night in a 5-1 or 4-0 blowout as they're gonna be coming in as a very angry team given what happened last night.
Would be nice to see but, I have a feeling every game could be tense to the end. Hopefully we can be on the right side more.
Sycamore, Illinois
Only got to see the last period tonight. Sounded like the Blues started out strong, got the lead early and held on for the win. These last 3 games should be something. Yes, I think it will take all 3 to decide it.
Jaden Schwartz with his 2nd hat trick of the postseason. Broadcast mentioned that he is first player with multiple hat tracks in postseason since Johan Franzen for the Red Wings in 2008.
Oswego, IL
As an outside observer, I would appreciate a Game 7...

As a Blackhawk fan, I would really appreciate a Game 7.
Woodridge, IL
Heard on the radio today that tickets for Game 3 and 4 are already going for 5x and 6x face value on StubHub.
Yep, cheapest I see on StubHub is $865 at the moment, which after fees would be $960ish. So I'll just hope they'll win and I'll go for a parade instead.