2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Captain Trips-ville, Planet Houston
Hardly a Blues fan, but kudos on magical season! From dead last at ~Christmas to the pinnacle, what a run. Always loved Pietrangelo, really glad he's got a Cup. Lastly, Binnington...wow!
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I am a Cardinals fan, but Blues were just getting started when I became a hockey fan, and I was a youngster living in suburban Chicago, so I am a Hawks Fan. However, I couldn't be happier for the Blues, for St. Louis, and for hockey. It is good to see a team do something that while not impossible, sure wasn't probable or easy. Really happy for the old Blues, Hull, Federko, and some of the others. I know what it meant for the old Hawks to see them win. I used to listen to Dan Kelly call the games on KMOX, wish that he could have been there to see it.