2020 NBA Draft Thread

Here's the draft analysis on ESPN.com for Markovic:

Pre-Draft Analysis
A near 7-footer with impressive skill, Simonovic has been one of the most productive young players in Europe for Mega Soccerbet since the start of the current season, averaging 16 points and 10 rebounds per game. He's shooting over 40% for 3 on ample attempts, over 80% from the free throw line the past two seasons and is a much improved passer who can also put the ball on the floor. Simonovic doesn't have a very appealing frame, with narrow shoulders and what appears to be a mediocre wingspan that makes it difficult for him to find a position to defend even in the Adriatic League. That's the main concern projecting him to the NBA, as big men who are neither rim protectors nor capable of guarding the perimeter are increasingly difficult to hide.
After giving it some thought, the Patrick Williams draft pick isn't as bad as people, especially Bulls fans are making it out to be. Leonard Hamilton, in a way similar to how it's done in the NBA, uses rotations with his players. While the best players may not start the game, they'll be on the court at the end of the game.

The pick is a young player that you're picking based on his huge upside. The thing to remember is that if the draft had been held when it normally is, he would have only been 18 at the time he was drafted.
I like that it allows the players already assembled a chance to prove worth or play way out of town for Billy Donovan while allowing developmental time for a physically imposing and skilled player. Friends with Coby White and ready to move into a backup role if any injuries. I feel Carter, White, Markannen and Lavine are a decent core to build with. A strong defensive presence will help or possibly a team overall upgrade with Billy Donovan having players respect and team knowing noone is irreplaceable. Should be a fun team and season.