3/21 Games

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7 Louisville vs 10 Minnesota, 11:10am, CBS
3 LSU vs 14 Yale, 11:40am, truTV
5 Auburn vs 12 New Mexico State, 12:30pm, TNT
4 FSU vs 13 Vermont, 1:00pm, TBS

2 Michigan State vs 15 Bradley, 1:45pm, CBS
6 Maryland vs 11 Belmont, 2:10pm, truTV
4 Kansas vs 13 Northeastern, 3:00pm, TNT
5 Marquette vs 12 Murray State, 3:30pm, TBS

7 Nevada vs 10 Florida, 5:50pm, TNT
2 Kentucky vs 15 Abilene Christian, 6:10pm, CBS
6 Villanova vs 11 Saint Mary's, 6:20pm, TBS
1 Gonzaga vs 16 Fairleigh Dickinson, 6:27pm, truTV

2 Michigan vs 15 Montana, 8:20pm, TNT
7 Wofford vs 10 Seton Hall, 8:40pm, CBS
3 Purdue vs 14 Old Dominion, 8:50pm, TBS
8 Syracuse vs 9 Baylor, 8:57pm, truTV

All times CT
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Minny (10) and L'ville (7) just finished an entertaining first half. Love the high energy of tourney games. Minny up 38-33 at half. Jealous of watching Minny's size on the court. Minny has good inside-out working, w/bigs kicking out to perimeter for 3's. Fun to watch.
Look at Minny go to town on L'ville!
Listened to just a couple of minutes of the beginning of this game while at lunch and the announcer was saying that Minny had the lowest average number of 3 pointers in D1, something like 5 per game.
Minnesota wins by 10. Good chance they'll have to play Michigan State next. Bummer the way they were placed so close together in the bracket.
Likes: Chukwuwumba
edit: B1G upset of an Atlantic Coast team is a good thing. Convenient of the NCAA to create the Pitino storyline though.
M tipping over
UVM versus Florida State game surprisingly interesting. I didn't pick the catamounts to win but I'll still root for em.
Little Rock, Arkansas
I didn’t have NMSU going very far so their loss doesn’t hurt my bracket much...but I hate that Pearl advanced. I really loved seeing his team piss down their leg.

Shame that kid couldn’t at least hit 2 of 3 to get it to overtime.