3/21 Games

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7 Louisville vs 10 Minnesota, 11:10am, CBS
3 LSU vs 14 Yale, 11:40am, truTV
5 Auburn vs 12 New Mexico State, 12:30pm, TNT
4 FSU vs 13 Vermont, 1:00pm, TBS

2 Michigan State vs 15 Bradley, 1:45pm, CBS
6 Maryland vs 11 Belmont, 2:10pm, truTV
4 Kansas vs 13 Northeastern, 3:00pm, TNT
5 Marquette vs 12 Murray State, 3:30pm, TBS

7 Nevada vs 10 Florida, 5:50pm, TNT
2 Kentucky vs 15 Abilene Christian, 6:10pm, CBS
6 Villanova vs 11 Saint Mary's, 6:20pm, TBS
1 Gonzaga vs 16 Fairleigh Dickinson, 6:27pm, truTV

2 Michigan vs 15 Montana, 8:20pm, TNT
7 Wofford vs 10 Seton Hall, 8:40pm, CBS
3 Purdue vs 14 Old Dominion, 8:50pm, TBS
8 Syracuse vs 9 Baylor, 8:57pm, truTV

All times CT
Herndon, VA
5 B1G teams playing today. Let's see how many can move on.

Deleted member 746317

Minny (10) and L'ville (7) just finished an entertaining first half. Love the high energy of tourney games. Minny up 38-33 at half. Jealous of watching Minny's size on the court. Minny has good inside-out working, w/bigs kicking out to perimeter for 3's. Fun to watch.
Minnesota looks good. Both in shooting threes and those uniforms.
Herndon, VA
Look at Minny go to town on L'ville!
Listened to just a couple of minutes of the beginning of this game while at lunch and the announcer was saying that Minny had the lowest average number of 3 pointers in D1, something like 5 per game.
Former Krush Cow
Chicago, IL
Girl in my bracket pool had Louisville winning it all. May be the shortest lived bracket in history.
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Kelso, WA
Minnesota wins by 10. Good chance they'll have to play Michigan State next. Bummer the way they were placed so close together in the bracket.
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edit: B1G upset of an Atlantic Coast team is a good thing. Convenient of the NCAA to create the Pitino storyline though.
M tipping over
UVM versus Florida State game surprisingly interesting. I didn't pick the catamounts to win but I'll still root for em.
Please let Auburn lose.

NMSU down by 1 w/ 15 seconds to go
That's a shame. NMSU had ample opportunity to pull that one off. Down by 2, 1 second left, fouled on a three-pointer, missed 2/3, lost by 1...
Herndon, VA
That's a shame. NMSU had ample opportunity to pull that one off. Down by 2, 1 second left, fouled on a three-pointer, missed 2/3, lost by 1...
That's terrible. Makes me want to cry. I did pick NMSU.
Bradley up 35-34 over Michigan State at halftime because why not.
Little Rock, Arkansas
I didn’t have NMSU going very far so their loss doesn’t hurt my bracket much...but I hate that Pearl advanced. I really loved seeing his team piss down their leg.

Shame that kid couldn’t at least hit 2 of 3 to get it to overtime.
As a BU alum I will not mind at all if my Bracket gets busted as I have MSU going to the final 4.
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M tipping over
I haven't been able to watch Ja Morant play this season yet. Dang that kid is good.
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