3/23 Games

the Front Range
So far B1G and SEC looking pretty good. Big 12 not so much though Texas Tech and Oklahoma could redeem them.
I was thinking the same thing. We shall see. Texas Tech looked like the most complete team in the big 12 this year. If they flop tomorrow, we will know that it was all a smoke screen. As far as the SEC, LSU did come through with the win, but they were the higher seed. Miss st didnt do them any favors either. I suppose we will know more after Tenn plays. Lets see if Iowa can give them a game. Its too bad that Minn and Mich St had to play each other.
Was thinking we would have size next year and then see 7'6", 7'4", and 7'2". Tough to be 6'10" and give up 8" to the opponent although not as tough as being 6'5" as our 4 was all year.