3/7 Games

Orange Krush Class of 2013
Stanford, CA
Bama pulls off a close one. That's a not-great home loss for TAMU, should help us a good amount.
New York
Yup, thank you Anthony grant. And that guy cooper
Bruce Hornsby's son plays for LSU. Who knew
Oddly enough, I did for some reason...weird one was till watching UK today I did not realize John Pelphrey was an asst at Florida.I knew he was not an HC but did not realize where he landed
Arkansas also seemingly avoiding the home loss to LSU. Seems like things are going our way in the SEC today.
New York
Need Arkansas to pull this out. And in sec vandy and auburn can help us later today
I think it would but I would still be surprised if the committee had Texas in right now anyway.
I wouldn't. They have a decent RPI, really good kenpom ranking, 3 top 50 wins and 0 bad losses. They're in for sure if they beat KSU.