3/9 Games

So, what's on tap tonight?

First we got the MAC tournament starting if you're into awful midwest basketball, this one's for you.

Next we got some championship games. There's the Colonial (6, NBCSN) between Northeastern vs William and Mary. WM is one of 5 original d1 teams to never make the tournament. There's also the MAAC Manhattan vs Iona (8, ESPN2). Both successful mid majors trying to get back to the dance. Finally we have Furman vs Wofford in the Southern Championship (6, ESPN2). Wofford should be in line for 12/13 seedish Cinderella upset story but first they have to win here.

But who cares about all that? Two games matter regarding Illinois tournament chances and both are in the WCC. First up is Gonzaga vs Pepperdine in Vegas (8, ESPN). Pepperdine is 0-2 vs Gonzaga but the games were decided by a total of 8 points. They also beat BYU twice. So the Zags may be on upset alert and we don't want to see that.

Then we got some real late night action. Portland vs BYU ( 10:30, ESPN2). WTF St. Marys, as the darling of the WCC, you are supposed to be here. Anyways we want Portland. BYU beat them twice.
Oh yeah and Hampton plays tonight so go them.
Hampton? I assume you have ties to the school :)

Speaking of the MEAC, can anybody even hang with UNC Central? I think they could be tested, but that gaudy record tells me nothing since the conference is almost as bad as it gets.
I want Hampton since we beat them.

Furman currently tied with Wofford at half. They'd have the worst record to make the torunament since 1961 if they won
New York
wofford hangs on...

holy cow this byu game is late.
Zags up 17 with 7 left should advance to the final. I think even if BYU wins they will need to win the final to get in their resume is not great.
Lunardi just said that BYU is still in the field if they lose to Portland. I just don't see them making it even if they win tonight. But I don't get paid the big money to make those types of decisions.
Well this game is over. BYU up 12, 12 minutes in and the refs protecting them more than the 98 Bulls.
Well this game is over. BYU up 12, 12 minutes in and the refs protecting them more than the 98 Bulls.
Yep, just hope Gonzaga can beat them tomorrow. And Lunardi is crazy if he thinks they are in. They only have 1 win against a tourney team, 4 top 100 wins and 3 bad losses.