40th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice


Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice. One of the most iconic moments of not just the Olympics but American sports overall. There have been a few quality specials done by NBCSN and ESPN/ABC that have aired over the past few days with even ESPN showing the Kurt Russell film about the team tonight.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about this game is that it was the gold medal game. In fact, the Americans had to beat Finland a couple of days later to win the gold medal. This game also did not air in primetime in the U.S. but was rather tape delayed as the Soviets did not want the game airing at such an early hour in Moscow. Obviously back then it was a lot easier to not know the result of a game like this as opposed to how it is nowadays.

I'm sure for many of our older posters on here, this is up there among the moments that you will remember where you where when it happened.
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I was very glad the broadcast was delayed. I watched it at my girlfriend's (now wife) house that evening. It was an amazing game. The US team had been destroyed by the Soviets 10-3 just before the Olympics began so I had no expectation or hope for any kind of a medal. The Soviets were a machine. A 5-1 loss would have felt like a moral victory and maybe we could come away with the Bronze.

We were a bit surprised when Tretiak was pulled from goal. I really didn't understand how great of a goalie he was until much later. Late in the 3rd period when the Soviets started their vicious attacks I just knew the American kids would melt under the pressure. How could they not fold when facing such a great team. The Soviet second squad was probably the second best team in the world. Jim Craig was no match for them. Or so I thought. He played out of his mind. The whole team did in those final minutes. I don't know how many shots the Soviets took. It seemed like it was 50.

Later when they told us the US team still had to beat Finland I was concerned that they left everything on the ice and would get blown away by the Fins. Instead of going home Sunday afternoon like I usually did, I stayed until after the game was over.

What a great weekend.
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For those who were not around then it's amazing looking back how the game was swept up in the Cold War mentality at the time. I have to say it is a fond childhood memory I have with my dad who passed away in 2015. I was an eleven-year old kid at the time and my dad had little interest in hockey but he sure as hell watched the game that day.
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