Alan Griffin transfers to Syracuse

I’ll agree with that. Kip’s bad games were bad too. However he’s a actually a great rebounder.
He averaged .9 rebs better than DaMonte. He is long and was a bit better on the boards overall.

He did play hard and I wish him all the best at Syracuse. I will continue to root for him.
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Few people in the Big Ten can be happier about this move than Coach Collins at Northwestern, given that AG shot the lights out against them. An additional grounds for disappointment!
This is why I wish he had stayed in the B1G. If he was as bad as all this, he would have terribly weakened the team he was on. I think that he played hard every game, had no plays run for him at all, could shoot the lights out, and was a disruptive force on defense. He got his hands on a lot of balls and got in the way of passing lanes. I think he would have destroyed Illinois if he had played us. But, you all just keep on hating.
No hate here...disruptive, intense, springy, quick hands, great swiss army knife for Illini.....he will definitely be missed!

I wasn't a fan of his mom's social media intercession on occasion, or him "losing it" on occasion, but I loved his energy and his emotion/intensity for game. If he can further enhance the positive attributes and mute his knocks, he will be very valuable for Orangemen.

AG thanks for giving us your all and best of luck, until we meet you in the tournament.
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