Alan Griffin transfers to Syracuse

Glass half full....Ayo possibly returning and Miller starts with him and Trent? Sorry to see Alan go, he made great strides this year. Good Luck to him at the next stop.
It's nice to hope that but I doubt that's the reason why. I just doubt Ayo would have made the decision to stay this early.
St. Louis
Not great, he was on the verge of becoming a star. Likely going to be one somewhere else. I have to say I dont think I have the stomach to follow roster management (recruiting/transfers) anymore.
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Wow, did not see the coming, thought he was going to be a main clog next season. Well now we know why they are looking for a guard.
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Wilmette, IL
Any word from Tevian yet? Losing both those guys would leave a gaping hole on the wing. I assume Tevian was looking to transfer BECAUSE Alan would be clearly playing ahead of him...
Just pure speculation - maybe we’ll be getting a transfer of our own who will start on the wing next year?