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I’m hoping the otter isn’t our actual mascot. Like, we won’t be the University of Illinois Fighting Otters or anything right? What I’m hoping is that we are the Fighting Illini, like always, and simply have a goofy mascot, for the kids/entertainment, running around. If that is the capacity of this funny character, and we don’t change our name to the Otters or something, I’m okay with this.
Illinois grad / fan living in Madison.....true story, my 5 year old daughter just saw me looking at this and goes...."Ooooh, Bucky Badger!!!"
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I'm pretty sure that even if this goes through we will still be the "Fighting Illini". That's not gonna change. This would unofficial, much like the Stanford 🌲.
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Didn't you, uh, regularly dress up as a cow for basketball games?
Yah and all I got for it was a $150 gift contest gift card and some Sportscenter appearances. We didn't start a petition to make me the official mascot of Illinois.

Idk which is better.
Geneseo, IL
Cause we do this every other year, it seems. Chicken, Owls, Lincolns, Soldiers, Eagles, Otters, Granges, Squirrels, Corn-things, amphomorphic letters...
Maybe we could have a guy dressed like a farmer riding a John Deere lawnmower around...
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I foresee a lawsuit from Otto the Orange...
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Illinois grad / fan living in Madison.....true story, my 5 year old daughter just saw me looking at this and goes...."Ooooh, Bucky Badger!!!"
I had the same initial thoughts...guess I'm 60 going on 5!😋
As a non-dues paying member of PETA, I do not approve! Enough with objectifying the bodies of beloved animals. Even faux fur is harmful to society as it perpetuates the belief that animals are to be adorned as articles of clothing. I much rather you objectify humans since Illinois has such a great accounting program, how about you use an Auditor as a mascot. They're pretty scary. If you don't believe, take a bunch of write-offs before April 15th.
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I've long felt that we should strive to offend everyone equally with whatever comes next - the University of Illinois Fighting Butt Pustules or similar. But this Otter idea is so transparently and aggressively inoffensive that I'd be okay with it too.
Glad to see there has been quite a lot of vocal opposition to this dumb idea over the past weekend. Hopefully our administration has a bit more common sense and awareness than the ISG does.

As I've said. If someone in the Krush wants to dress up as an unofficial otter mascot, go right ahead. But it better get no where near official status.
We could do a lot worse than an otter.

A lot worse.
Haha, nothing wrong with the Banana Slugs. I don't recall seeing UIUC get any promotional shots in Pulp Fiction. (Edit: Credit to BirdDog9048 for just beating me to the punch).

In a somewhat serious note, I think UIUC should take a page out of the obscure mascot handbook of minor league baseball teams. There's got to be something better out there. I'm not anti-otter, but there's some sense of panache missing with it.
I prefer the Orange Krush mascot of all the suggestions. It has tradition. It communicates strength. Strong history of philanthropy. Something we immediately recognize as a symbol of our athletic teams. And as far as I can tell, it doesn't offend anyone.