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The Paign of course
Like 2 for $3 Quarter Pounders. I am f'n LOVIN IT.

After last night we are going to be soooo prepared and jacked for that game.

The Paign of course
Gotta love Weber laying the groudwork, calling us underdogs going into the game.

Some of those t-shirt ideas are absolutely ridiculous. Some geniuses at work here

Bucky's Lucky - Illini's Good
It's better to be Lucky than Good.........Wha???

Bucky's Cheesecake
39 is as sweet as dessert!

The Illini "Wheck Off!"

"Orange out?"
Out of the KC with a loss!

Front: We don't like Head.
Back: We're Butch girls.......??????I'm glad I don't live in Wisky then

Orange Their Uniforms As Ugly As Chambana

WOW....I kinda remember these "front row girls"....didn't they wear "Got Wilk" shirts or something. I don't remember them being all THAT impressive (nothing like the sweater smuggler sideline reporter last night :eek: ).