Basketball Uniforms

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I don't think I'd buy one, but why can't you buy this year's jersey online?
1546459791844.png So why not just keep these, keep the Fighting Illini script, lose the Illinois, the Block I, any other reference and not worry about a mascot, a logo, a name change, and start PR'ing the heck out of this as a program changing rebrand?

I have always, loved these, they are retro, (so you know they are fashionable or will again be soon), and quite frankly, I think it may be our best chance at starting a rebirth of ILLINI basketball etc?
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Well this is news!

That's the 1989 letter font with the 2019 number font. We haven't seen that before. Suggestive that these are our "new" unis for next year surely.

Is is the same in all three colors? Does this mean we're moving away from the Nike rebrand font? Many questions!

Sidebar: Bad news for Antwan, 15 is taken young fella ;)
Interesting. Definitely not the same font on the number '1' as the Ayo jersey in the post above.

I would love to go to this jersey full time. Add a blue one and the set is complete.
We could of course just be monkeying around with stuff for the recruits, I guess. It's possible this is nothing.
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Yeah, Im assuming to get the jersey in Jan's number, they used some from our regular batch of numbers. Nothing crazy.
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Under Armor copying a rebook design of the Vancouver Grizzlies for the Northwestern Wildcats is the most 2018 thing ever...
I didn't at first notice that the shorts are also a direct rip with the wildcat replacing the grizzly.
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I could see next year. If this is a yearly thing. 15 years since it.
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Hard pass. Orange and blue, please. White for accents in some situations.
Well obviously we wouldn't copy them. I just meant the idea of seniors designing jerseys for senior night and that Northwesterns looked really cool.
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So did anyone else notice that both Kofi and January had the retro Illini uniforms with updated numbers (font) in their commitment photos?
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