Bears / NFL Thread 2018-2019

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Ok I'm all in on the Mack trade.:) However the Bears' offense hasn't done much since the first two drives of the game. I'd like to see them run Howard more with the lead.
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That was sickening. Just a tease followed by bad Bear play.
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I actually tuned in to this one thinking the bears might be worth watching this year. That 4th quarter and that 3rd and 1 call let me know differently.
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Fire Nagy. Terrible play calling costs the team a won game. How will he ever beat the packers when they have Rodgers for the whole game?
Terrible play by trubisky in the last few mins. He looked scared. And the 3 and 1 and you try a pass that doesn’t even go to the first down marker. Two times in a row. Ugh!

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