Bears / NFL Thread 2019-2020

central Illinois
Week 1 is always the biggest overreaction week in the NFL. If the Bears offense is still having performances like this in Week 4 or 5, then I'd be concerned.
The Bears looked like exactly what they are = a team that opted to not participate in preseason to see what needed to be worked out. Whoever made that blunder should be roundly booed.
It will be interesting to see how many great bears defenses are ruined by the offense in my lifetime
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If they were playing by college rules, the Bears receivers would have had several more catches. If they can get one foot in, they should be able to get both in. That's on them, not Trubisky.

My biggest complaint was the play calling. Passing 75% of the time is not how a Bears team is going to win consistently.
I had a meeting from 6 to 8:30 last night. I DVR’ed the Bears game and decided I wouldn’t have time to also watch the Cubs game. So I sat through that crap and missed Kyle Schwarber’s grand slam.

I think I’m already on record being a lot more skeptical about this year’s Bear team than most. They piled up a lot of wins against really bad opponents last year and are going from the weakest schedule in the NFL last year to one of the toughest this year. Nothing about last night changed my mind. 9-7 or 8-8, here we come!

And by the way, what does it say about the protracted kicker tryout process that Nagy declined to kick a 51-yarder down 7-3 in the third quarter, opting to go for it on 4th and 10?

Maybe if they didn’t need a TD to tie it, Mitch wouldn’t have forced that 3rd and 10 throw into the end zone and instead played it safer to give the team a chance to kick a short FG to take the lead.

But that presumes they have a kicker that can make a 51-yarder, I guess.
My biggest complaint was the play calling. Passing 75% of the time is not how a Bears team is going to win consistently.
It was more than 75%. There were also 5 sacks and 3 QB scrambles in there. So it was 12 run calls to 53 pass calls. So it was over 80%. Even if you take the last two drives of the game out of the equation where the Bears were forced to pass it (17 times in a row) it’s still a 3:1 pass to run ratio. No excuse for that in a close game.

I think if you look at the Bears losses last year, you’ll see a similar pattern of play calling.
Cary, IL
The Packers are not this good on defense. Just a poor showing by offense.
I wasn't sure about this, just kept asking myself, "Are the Packers this good defensively?" They just seemed to be reading out plays better than the offense.
Geneseo, IL
I'm starting to worry that the emperor may have no clothes with this offense. Fans were excited about what they saw last year because we were used to the gross incompetence of the Fox years. The offense was not good last year-I believe it finished 21st in total offense. And MT has not shown us anything to make us believe he is anything other than an average to below average QB. Not what you want to see from a no. 2 overall pick. Green Bay's defense was better than advertised, but that's no excuse for how poorly the offense played. Next week's game in Denver becomes very important. The math behind 0-2 teams making the playoffs is not good. The Bears really needed a W last night to have a record approaching something close to last year's 12-4. After next week they are at Washington, home against Minnesota, and at Oakland before the bye week, and then they get into the meat of their schedule. They really need to win these next four.
I’m going the Denver game. We better get this figured out.
We started 0-1 last year and ended 12-4, we will be fine. GB was our preseason game.
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We started 0-1 last year and ended 12-4, we will be fine. GB was our preseason game.
Losing the first game of the season cost them a first round bye last year. The preseason games are there for a reason.
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Man the refing in this game was bad. And that was a dumb deep pass, you need a FG not a TD...

That's an Illinois type finish.
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