Bears / NFL Thread 2019-2020

Geneseo, IL
After 4 weeks the Bears' defense is ranked #5 in yards allowed per game. The offense is ranked #30 with 274 yards per game.
Cary, IL
Aside from Washington our offense has been anemic; however, we have faced some pretty stout defenses in GB, Den and Minny. I wish our offense was better but I think it will be ok with our defense being like it is.
Good point on the defenses faced. Hopefully, it will get a bit easier going forward.
Congrats to Chase!! Kick'em where the sun don't shine!!!

Now, is it my imagination or have the Bears now appeared in two straight nationally televised games and not embarrassed themselves?
Fun fact: The Bears have actually been really good for the last season and a quarter.
Oswego, IL
Former Illini Jeff Allen was released by the Chiefs today. Some texter threw out his name to 670AM in Chicago as a potential addition given the injuries to the Bears O-Line. I'd be for it, I think he still has something left in the tank.
Geneseo, IL
Well one team came ready to play. I think the sheen is coming off Nagy at this point. This offense is a joke and is costing the Bears games. I never have like Daniel as the backup and they should have tried to bring in a better secon qb in the offseason.
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