Best ride to UIUC

In the land of the Nittany Lion
Looking for the proper ride to a game or other UIUC event? Fiat has a new Fiat 500X Urbana Edition. Alas, it's only available in black, grey and a medium blue.
The good news is that you can get a Rolls-Royce Wraith in a nice Orange and Blue two-tone treatment, though that's extra over the about $290,000 base price. But as a U of I grad, no problem.

That said, what would/should you drive to a game to show your Illinois Loyalty? (I'll note that Nissan is an official supporter of Illinois sports).
Cary, IL
I personally think you should go with the old bus, what was it, Illini Swallow? Get one of those buses, I'm sure you could find one and redesign it for optimal function for well under your $290,000 budget. :)
Orange Krush Class of 2013
Stanford, CA
I'm still pretty fond of the orange Illini-mobile in my avatar to the left, even though it'd be a pretty long drive to a home game!
Ordained Dudeist Priest
Johns Creek, GA
My "super-senior" year I had one of these. I thought it would have looked cool with a blue stripe down the middle.