Bill to require Native American approval of mascots

In a move to effectively ban the use of Native American team names, a bill introduced by Rockford Democrat Rep. Maurice West in the Illinois House of Representatives would require approval of the use of a scholastic use of a team name by a tribe located within 500 miles of the school. While the bill would presumptively cover high schools, there's nothing in the news article that would not restrict its application to the University of Illinois Fighting Illini. Indeed, the "500 mile limitation" would seem to be ideally applicable to "Fighting Illini," for which there is no Illini tribe within 500 miles (or more than 100 years). Even if the Peoria were to approve, they're more than 500 miles from the University of Illinois.

With the five year renewal, place the university in perpetual limbo over use of the name. If approved by a tribe today, what would assure that the massive investment in the team name would not be revoked in any five year period.There's simply too much money involved.

Mr. West, what is your ultimate goal, and who exactly do you represent?

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The Chief mascot is over, move on. In terms of name, it represents something else now so it doesn't matter.
The Chief mascot is over, move on. In terms of name, it represents something else now so it doesn't matter.
The name means the Illini Indians. If you ask Jay Rosenstein, he wants any reference to Native Americans /gone/. Period. And this bill would accomplish that. If you think Rosenstein and company will rest until Native Americans are eradicated, you’re naive.
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Illini, according to University records, was a name coined by the student paper at the time. Fighting Illini was first used when describing that Memorial stadium was built to honor those who fought in WW1.

Now, maybe this isn't 100% true, but I doubt "they" could make us change our name.
If there is written precedent to where it came from, and it wasn't related to Indian culture, the university can simply say "tough nuts" to whoever is trying to get the name removed. I just hope there is a staunch defender of the name that won't give in to the overzealous minority on this.
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