Bobby Roundtree suffers severe spinal injury

Glenview, IL
Terrible news about Bobby Roundtree:

Illinois junior defensive end Bobby Roundtree had surgery on Sunday for a severe spinal injury suffered during a swimming incident in Tampa on Saturday.
The injury is considered very serious, and Roundtree Illinois coach Lovie Smith and defensive line coach Austin Clark traveled to Florida this weekend to be with Roundtree and his family. A team athletic trainer also traveled to Florida. There is no additional information on Roundtree's status at this time.
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st petersburg, fl
Absolutely terrible. Feel so bad for the guy. The hospital where he was originally admitted is less than a mile from where I live/work (I'm looking at it right now from my office window). Makes it even more real. Thoughts are with him.

Wish there was a way i could help if needed given that he's a local guy from the area. Small Illini family here, but still a family.
Rockford, Illinois
Terrible news. Sending prayers and positive vibes to Bobby and his family...
I wish Bobby a full recovery. This is just such terrible news in so many ways.

Bobby is a tremendous player and tremendous person. He chose us when he didn't have to. He's also been a great leader and ambassador for the team. He convinced Seth Coleman to stay committed to the program.
When I hear severe spinal injury and swimming, I think of my brother's friend who dived into the inviting waters of Lake Michigan, not knowing there were rocks just a few feet below the surface. I don't know Bobby's situation, but imagine some degree of paralysis is their biggest worry. Heartfelt prayers for Bobby, his family and the team.