Bowl Games Thread

Little Rock, Arkansas
Most of KV’s yards came on 3 rushes for 69, 68, and 66 yards. That feels like more of a sign of Baylor’s rush defense in the game then KV’s rushing ability. (Though I didn’t watch the game so I don’t know if it was KV making 5 guys miss on each run or Baylor being out of position)

If I remember correctly, he broke off a nasty run against UNC in Lovie’s first year but fizzled after that.

Regardless, he rushed for 4 YPC on his other 10 attempts which is right where he should be. With the bowl performance he also got over 1001 yards on the season.

A bang up junior campaign for him. Wish it could have worked out here! (Though Corbin had a slightly better year by comparison)
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whew, that Iowa State WSU game got kinda interesting. Seemed like some dicy calls. ISU kinda got behind the 8-ball because the officiating, IMO
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Dino Babers beats WVU to get 10 wins on the season. I wonder how good Dino is doing in the alternate timeline where we hired him instead of that “not ideal” fiasco.
How did we get stuck in THIS timeline???????
Little Rock, Arkansas
How did we get stuck in THIS timeline???????
I don’t know. But if The Man In The High Castle is correct, all I have to do is wait for the “me” in that timeline to die and then I’ll be able to jump to it and enjoy endless Illini success.

(Also, in THAT timeline, the Keatts hype train made its final stop in Champaign)
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So the refs were from the B1G. I am pretty sure the head ref was the same guy that botched the “incomplete” catch back in an Illinois game where our guy caught it and took 5 steps and he called it an incomplete.
Yes. My son, an ISU grad, was mad at the B1G for providing those refs.
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Keyshawn Vaughn wasn't good enough to play for us. Neither was Aaron Rodgers. I remain optimistic though!
And Steph Curry wasn't good enough for his father's alma mater - but hey. So is Keyshawn better than Corbin ? Epstein? I didn't watch him play so honest question.