Bowl Projections

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the Front Range
This game should do well for us. I was going to be pretty bummed if we landed in Detroit. I personally enjoy the PAC-12 v B1G history and prefer playing them as a conference.
Anyone want to guess the line? I'm assuming Cal will be favored...
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My Cal buddy says they have a decent defense and a really bad offense. And they've had injury and depth issues this season. Sounds like we'll be playing our doppelganger. Should make for an interesting matchup.
I like that most of the bowls try to keep a Big/PAC match up. #MiniRoseBowl.
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Cal fans seem pretty confident they’ll win and they know our defense isn’t good. Saw some predicting Cal 21-0.
Very pleased that the boys will be able to go to Cali (sure beats Detroit in December!). GO ILLINI!
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Thinking we may get a good crowd for the game. Lots of west coast Illini will go I would imagine, I know I will be looking to go if its in Cali
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