Brad Underwood Named Illini Basketball Coach

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Wow. Big time poaching job by JW. We may have the next big time AD and that's an understatement. Were going to watch good basketball again.
I'll just post this again now. SF Austin pre and post Underwood and Oklahoma St. pre Underwood.

Well that came out of no where...I kid I kid I'm pretty sure we discussed every possible head coaching possibility there is out there.
I am glad everyone is so excited about the hire. I had to come and see what others thought.

My thoughts: a flop of a hire. I expected much more.:confused:
We done pretty good gang. Especially if Jamall and the recruits he's tied to stay on board.

Then we're really cooking with gasoline. Even if they don't, this looks pretty good.

Good lord is it gonna be fun to watch a real offense again.
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Great hire! We are going to see some real offense from the O&B!

Just win games.
Illinois will be in the tournament next year. Make no mistake about it. The question is how does he do in the long term? As long as he can recruit some guys, Illinois basketball will be fun to watch, and we'll win some games.
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Wow! Didn't think this hire would be an option, but I like it! Good move by JW, feels like this was kept pretty well under wraps until it happened!

Now, help me get rid of my signature, Brad! :D
If you don't think this is a good hire, you aren't paying attention.
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So JW has shown with 2 hires that he can act extremely quickly. Underwood was hired pretty much exactly 24 hours after OSU got bounced out of the tourney. I'm impressed with how JW gets things done.
For those of you who said, "I like Keatts, but I wish I could see him at a bigger place", THIS IS IT.

Great coach. Not as spashy as some other names on the initial list, but he's a dang good basketball coach. GREAT HIRE!