Brad Underwood Named Illini Basketball Coach

Underwoood Hire Discussed on Pardon My Take

I don't know if anyone listens to the Pardon My Take podcast (highly recommended), but they had Dan Dakich on as a guest last week. After discussing Crean and Indiana and naked Bob Knight (really), they asked him about Illinois's hire of Underwood. For what it's worth, Dakich said it's a great hire. Said that Underwood is a great coach and referenced how good OSU looked against his son's Michigan team. Also said starting 0-6 and turning it around is coaching. One of the hosts is a Wisconsin grad from Chicago, so somewhat familiar with our situation, and he said he loved the hire but then referenced the whole what about Illinois needing a "Chicago guy" thing. Dakich said he can hire a Chicago guy, just get a great coach first.

Thought it was interesting to get some play on one of the top sports podcasts. If you'd like to give it a listen, use the podcast app of your choice or this link. Dakich joins them at the 18:00 mark and they get to Illinois at 28:40.
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