Chicago Bears / NFL 2018-2019

With the lack of third down conversions and number sacks given up (to a team that was 30-something in sacks coming into the game) you really got a good picture of how much Trubisky covers for some shaky line play.

How many times this year have the Bears completely dominated the first half in every respect except the scoreboard? Seems like it’s every other game. It’s bitten them in the butt in three of their four losses.

The Bears defense gave up a lot of yards and points to a real bad Giants offense. Yes the Bears offense put the defense in bad shape a bunch, but still, they let the Giants stay on the field way too often. With Trubisky out, they knew the defense would have to make some plays to win, and they didn’t do it.

It sucks because if Trubisky were playing, the Bears would have won by 17. Didn’t hurt them in the division but probably killed any chance of a first round bye.
Well it wasn't pretty, especially with the offense, but the Bears get a HUGE win over a really good Rams team. Offense still has a ways to go but this defense proved that it can hang with and beat anyone in the league.

And if the Vikings lose in Seattle tomorrow night, then the Bears can clinch the NFC North next Sunday at home vs. Green Bay.
Pretty sure the conditions made it hard to move the ball in the air. Both QBs looked rough. Both place kickers missed one. Definitely some bad throws and the Rams' holder screwed the kicker, but lots of balls were bouncing in the air.
Would really rather play the Rams or Saints in Chicago during the playoffs, but that sadly won't be happening.
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